A thousand emotions, a million hues, one moment, an untold story – Welcome to the world of the world’s best photographers.

“Don’t pigeonhole yourself.  You aren’t just a wildlife photographer, an underwater photographer, a studio photographer. You are a storyteller.” – Kathy Moran, Senior Editor, National Geographic

They understand the language of nature, the silence of the wild creatures, the aura of a space and the emotions evoked every moment.

Their daunting spirit, unquenching thirst for mystical moments and passion for being true to their art has given the world images which would otherwise be only figments of our imaginations.

Can you appreciate the absurd beauty of a broken glass? The rare eye of a photographer turns the same piece into an art.

Zingohub salutes National Geographic for giving such a wonderful platform to photographers all across the world for their art.

We’ve curated the award winning photos since the year of its inception in 2006 – a beautiful trail ready to take your breath away!

11. G. Lecoeur (2016)

This breathtaking migration of sardines along the wild coast of South Africa when the dolphins dive in a free fall at a speed of 80km/hr has been remarkably shot by Lecoeur and has won him great accolades.

One can almost feel the drive of the predators and rush of the innocent sardines and energy underwater!

10. James Smart (2015)


Yet another nature’s fury captured with absolute precision and art, Smart has left the viewers speechless with this astonishing and rare capture of an anticyclonic tornado in a farmland in Colorado.

The unlikely event has been shot with such fearlessness and perfect timing, that for a moment it leaves the viewers shaken. The realizations which dawn upon us after viewing this are the real movers and shakers. Such is the power of art

9. Nicole Cambré, Belgium (2014)

This flaky and nuanced image invites the viewer to ponder, think. Only an artist can imagine taking a shot of the dramatic plunge of these migrating wild beasts at the Mara river. ‘The Great Migration’ as named by Nicole is a powerful image conjuring an atmosphere of thrilling movement, showcasing valour and confidence.

This unusual capture left the judges awestruck and inspired to weave their own versions of stories from this photograph.

8. Paul Souders, Washington (2013)

Kudos to the artistic sensibilities of Paul to have been able to capture this unique moment. The polar bear just emerges from beneath the melting sea ice on the Hudson Bay, the midnight sun is glowing in its fiery red hues and the icebergs are starting to melt, all in one frame makes it a stunning shot.

The photographer leaves it to the viewer to sense the silence and emotion of the bear as it is threatened by the warming climate and the melting sea ice.

7. Ashley Vincent (2012)

The bold and charming presence of this Indochinese tigress just infuses the viewer with the same spirit! This incredible freeze was captured in Khao Kheow Open Zoo in Chonburi, Thailand, as Busaba shakes herself dry after a swim.

The creative eye of Vincent has taken this spectacular shot with such precision in timing and technique, that its grace and beauty is simply extraordinary.

6. Shikhei Goh (2011)

Taken in Indonesia’s beautiful Riau Islands, Goh captured this impeccable shot asking his friend to spray water in order to replicate rain.

Taking the advantage of superb lighting coupled with his technical expertise, this one is a rare moment bringing out the emotions of the dragonfly. It causes the viewer to immediately connect and bond with the dazzling wild creature.

Brace yourselves even further, ‘The Explosion’ is here!

5. Aaron Lim Boon Teck, Singapore (2010)

Lim says, “I wanted to share with everyone this experience of seeing many elements going on at a particular point in time.” Through him, we are able to witness an active Indonesian volcano.

The subtle light,  nature in movement and multiple images captured into one truly evokes more reverence in our hearts for the craft of photography displayed in this photograph.

Have you ever braced yourself against the weather? Now imagine a dragonfly doing it. How would it look?

4. William Goodwin, Birmingham (2009)

Chosen among 208,000 entries, this one showcases flawless technical execution, the variation in lightning adds immense depth to it and it has the ability to transcend you to another dimension!

This one depicts a peppermint shrimp hiding inside a branching vase sponge. And where is it taken? Seventy-five feet (23 meters) under Bonaire’s Caribbean

3. Kechun Zhang (2008)

It’s not always the beautiful and pleasant scenes which deserve a capture. This dog was found hanging in Hanwang residential area, three days after the catastrophic Wenchuan earthquake in May 2008.

Man needs to be apprised about Nature’s powers.National Geographic design editor Darren Smith agrees. “It’s the malevolent force of nature that gives the photo its depth.”
Hold your breath….the next one will leave you spellbound!

2. Dorothy Campbell, Baltimore, Maryland (2007)

Winning the best landscape shot in the National Geographic Society’s 2007 Global Photography Contest, Campbell’s ability to look beyond what is and make something as mundane as a spring cotton tree look extraordinary is commendable.If you are wondering what is it reflected on, be in wonderment a little more! We will reveal i

If you are wondering what is it reflected on, be in wonderment a little more! We will reveal it at end of this post.

*This is captured in Utah and is reflected on the surface of a shiny black Buick in Moah.

1. Milan Radisics, Hungary (2006)

Regarded as one of the best ‘Nature Photographers’, Milan has captured this ecstatic phenomenon of the universe – partial solar eclipse with such ease and finesse. Winner of the first National Geographic International Photographic Competition in 2006 in the “Natural World” category, this image invokes a surreal feeling, instantly making the viewers in deep love with the place!

Winner of the first National Geographic International Photographic Competition in 2006 in the “Natural World” category, this image invokes a surreal feeling, instantly making the viewers in deep love with the place!