“I’m tough, I’m ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.” ―Madonna

Prejudices and stereotypes towards women are rooted at heart across cultures all over the world. Women are versatile creatures. Let’s learn to revere their versatility and choices. Till today there are few sections of the society who make women feel handicapped in all aspects, leaving them to ‘exist’ as though ‘the society’s wish is her command’.

Artistic expression and voice offers us the rare opportunity to project ideas, concepts, and beliefs which surpass the boundaries posed by verbal communication. Through this post, our endeavour is to express our heartfelt gratitude and salute Brazilian artist Carol Rossetti’s series of chic and dignified colour pencil illustrations titled “Women”.

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It always bothered me the world’s constant attempts to control women’s bodies, behaviour, and identities. This control is such a deep part of our culture that we hardly ever realise how cruel it is and how it restricts our personal choices,” says Rossetti.

  1. How many times have you been told not to put a tattoo you have always wanted to? Be bold and break the shackles constructed by the society. Build your identity they way you want to. Be YOU.
  1. You must have met another Olivia feeling insecure because her hair and looks do not conform to the so-called ‘beauty mandate’ laid out by the society. Oh dear, does love need the crutches of physical beauty? Look into thy heart!

  1. Why should clothes define our culture, identity, and behaviour? Whether you wear a sari or a short skirt, it’s your choice and your grace shines equally in both of these dresses.

  1. “You’re a woman. At least wear some lipstick to look pretty.”
    “Some eyeliner will really make those big eyes pop out. Guys love big eyes.”
    “You’re twenty now, time to start wearing a gold chain and some rings.”
    No. Not unless you want to.


  1. Mental illness: At least 60 million Indians — a number more than the population of South Africa — suffer from mental disorders, even as the country lags the world in medical professionals and spending on mental-health issues. How long can we pretend it will go away if we don’t talk about it?.

6.Something is seriously wrong with a society that tells the rape survivor to “hush”, and says, “They were just being men.” A raped woman is not a victim. Don’t forget Nirbhaya, and the emotion evoked in us as a nation.

  1. You’re too old to wear that skirt.”
    “You are a working professional, you shouldn’t be riding a bike.”
    “As a modern woman, you believe in God?!”

  1. So what if she loves t-shirts, jump-suits and baggy pants more than skirts and sarees? She is still the same soft, bold, and vibrant beauty.

  1. Let people love you the way you are or just go away. She deserves to stay the way she loves to. And she is the most beautiful in her own originality.
    Plus, everyone knows both wine and women grow better with age!

  1. Just a little more of you to love.

11.Sensuality is not just what Bollywood shows us to be. It’s not just short skirts, belly dancing, and cleavage flashing, and size 0. Sensuality is a woman who knows what she wants and is proud of it!

  1. Beauty, Courage and talent are not defined by your physical orientation. Be fearless and express yourself!

13.“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from. The ability to triumph begins with you. Always.” – Oprah Winfrey

  1. Fashion houses do not exists to dictate what you should wear and what you should not. Your creativity and comfort are your best guides. And smile is your best dress.

  1. I am a he,

I am a he,

I am a she.

I’m nearly everything

That can possible be.Let me just be.