The new year has begun and we couldn’t be more excited about it! ZingoHub has strengthened our mission and broadened our global horizons. Here’s a peep at how we plan to take creativity and innovation a step ahead in 2017!

Empower Creators and Innovators

ZingoHub’s singular mission is to empower creators and innovators across the globe and transform their ideas into reality. Our unique ecosystem helps entrepreneurs and artists thrive. The rewards-based platform is home to inspires ingenuity and lets you explore and support projects worldwide!

Your dream is just a click away!

Our Jumpstart Guru will guide you right from pre-launch to ensure that your project gets the right exposure. If you require assistance with the pitch video, content or marketing strategies to help make your campaign a successful one, we’ve got it all covered!

Explore and Inspire Projects You Love!

The prologue to 2017 features exciting campaigns, including crowdfunding for film and music projects.

Viboodhi by Madhusudanan is a gripping horror parody with unexpected twists and turns.

Aval is a social movement that empowers women to rise beyond the shackles set by the society.

Sam Samax’s Never Ever is a music video that emotes an intense unrequited love.

Poisoned Political Philosophies Chapter 2 by SMAK Mahadev explores the dark and intricate flavours of human nature.

When it comes to revolutionary advancement in technology, Pakistan’s first biomedical 3D printing company is the feather in our hat. Help a disabled child get his favourite superhero prosthetic with the campaign, ‘Real Life Superheroes’.

ZingoHub’s first-of-its-kind crowdfunding marketplace ensures that creativity and innovation take the lead. After a successful campaign, you can set up a store and sell your product/brand seamlessly.

Reach Out to Our Vibrant Global Community

Over the years, ZingoHub has established a strong presence in Singapore, Malaysia, India, MENA, Africa and Australia. The website has given life to over 100+ entrepreneurial ambitions across the globe.

And this is why we’ve introduced Stripe! Creators and innovators can now reach out to a global community to support their idea. ZingoHub backers can inspire projects and make a smooth online monetary transaction. Stripe is the best way to accept payments online and in mobile apps. Billions of dollars are handled every year for forward-thinking businesses around the world. Stripe currently powers businesses in 25 countries.  Stripe works from around the world in nine global offices and many more Stripes work remotely from anywhere (including Anchorage, Alaska and Cannock in England). And now you can add ZingoHub’s vibrant global community to the list of Stripe users!

Enhanced User- Experience

ZingoHub’s website will provide our users with an enthralling experience. Our Developer Team has racked their brains to enhance your experience and make it more user-oriented and user-friendly. Here’s a glimpse at how we plan to take crowdfunding a step ahead on our platform:

-Improved Navigation

ZingoHub’s navigation will more intuitive and usable. You can browse our website more effectively and efficiently to reflect and explore projects you love.

-Faster and Simple Checkout

We’re glad you could inspire and support projects you love. Once you contribute to a project, we’ll ensure that you have a faster and simple checkout.

-Features to stay updated about Upcoming campaigns

Even though curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought it back. Excited about upcoming campaigns on ZingoHub? You can watch the space for more, and quench your satisfaction by taking a peep at extraordinary projects scheduled to be launched soon!
We promise you an extraordinary visual redesign!

Join ZingoHub’s journey to empower and inspire ingenious ideas. Pitch your idea, and win the crowd over!