Month: August 2016

Healer Twins: Meet The Duet On A Soul-Soothing Mission!

  Marrying their passion for music and the belief of music’s ability to heal, to their profession as doctors, the duo Healer Twins was born in 2011. The Georgian twins...

/ August 30, 2016

Top 10 Fashion & Accessory Brands from Bangalore!

  Bangalore’s clothing and fashion accessory culture is usually stereotyped to Mysore Silk Sarees and Sandalwood crafted jewellery. But, today we take you through the unexplored and quirky side of...

/ August 26, 2016

10 Species of Reptiles and Amphibians That Are Most Likely To End Up In History Books

  Snakes and frogs make up a significant proportion of the middle order predators that keep our natural ecosystem functioning. Without them, there would be an imbalance in the number...

/ August 2, 2016