If the warmth of Chris Martin’s voice evokes a sensory tingle in your soul then let’s safely conclude: you are a COLDPLAY freak.

Call it magic, call it truth, but in the last decade Coldplay has established itself like never before, reaching out to a global audience and developing an international fan-following.

This well-deserved patronage of the amazing music that Coldplay makes has its own charm.

But beyond the star-studded amazement that you relate with Coldplay are some facts that are knitted in the band’s journey so far.

Here’s a list of ten facts that we bet you did not know about Coldplay:

1.The band has renamed itself twice. At the time of their initial start in 1996, the band called themselves PECTORALZ which they later in 1997 changed to STARFISH. This is conclusive proof of the popular phrase: third time lucky.

2. Will champion, who is the drummer for Coldplay, had no experience in drumming when he joined the band in 1997.

3. Coldplay’s very first album Parachutes was recorded in four different studios and it included tracks like Shiver (ranked #35 in UK Top 40) and their signature Yellow (ranked #4 in UK Top 40).

4. Although Guy Berryman (bassist for the band) is left-handed, but he plays the bass right-handed. Besides bass, Berryman also plays the acoustic guitar, piano, and synthesiser.

5. In the video for The Scientist (directed by Jamie Thraves), frontman Chris Martin actually sung the song backwards to get the cinematography right. For this he had to listen to the song on rewind for about a month. So in a way, Martin really did go back to the start.

6. Fans from across the globe go toe-to-toe on what’s the best song by Coldplay and even find it baffling to name just one. Ever wondered what’s Chris Martin’s favourite? It’s Glass of Water (2008).

7. The album cover for “X&Y” is in Baudot code(a language used for telegraphs), but actually translates as “X96” due to an error.

8. After the band collaborated with Rihanna on Princess of China in 2011, they said that she is the only artist they would ever collaborate with. The song was released specially on February 14th, 2012.

9. Sport-themed beverage giants Gatorade offered Coldplay a very handsome $9 million to include the song Yellow in one of their commercials. The band however, declined this generous offer.


10. You might have heard the greatest songs by Coldplay, but did you know that the band released an EP(Source: music bazar extended play) called “Safety” in 1998, of which only 500 copies exist? Pretty cool, huh?

11. Chris Martin once admitted that his favourite thing about being in Coldplay was waiting for Madamme Tussauds to call.

12. Coldplay performed at the Steve Jobs memorial, to commemorate the extraordinary contributions of Steve Jobs during his lifetime.

13. In the words of Guy Berryman, the most amazing thing about being Coldplay is: “To wake up and not have to put on a suit and tie.”

Source: in.pinterest.com/fannny4214/guy-berryman/

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